Kind Fine Jewelry

Kind Fine Jewelry

The mission of Kind Fine Jewelry is to elevate cannabis into the world of luxury jewelry. Kind Fine Jewelry pieces present a sophisticated expression of beauty, yet they are practical enough for everyday wear. The highest quality materials are hand selected, with each gemstone personally picked, matched and placed to ensure the absolute finest jewelry creations. Designed and crafted in New York City, Kind Fine Jewelry is produced with honesty and integrity, sourcing precious metals and gemstones from only the best diamond dealers, jewelers, setters and polishers.
Equally as important as the quality, Kind Fine Jewelry is committed to spreading social awareness of cannabis benefits by contributing proceeds to the nonprofit Patients Out of Time, which works to educate healthcare and legal professionals, as well as the public at large about re-instituting cannabis as a legitimate medicine. 

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Patients Out of Time

State of The Science, Exhibitor Showcase

State of The Science Exhibitor Showcase
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