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1 year ago

Great Conference!!!

1 year ago

Can us online folk get signed copies?

Monica Taing, PharmD, RPh, MS
1 year ago


Thank you for this important education, Dr. Malka.

I’m a cannabis pharmacist currently working as a Medical Science Liaison (MSL) and my work is to educate Maryland-based licensed clinicians on ECS education, chronic pain, and medical cannabis modalities.

I appreciate these wonderful clinical pearls!

1 year ago

will we have access to signed copies?

Are you able to post the email address of the last speaker to obtain the slide deck? Or send it out to participants?

Daniel Ageze
1 year ago

Could you please send the slides or let us know where it would be available – that was a lot of content

1 year ago

Is there slides for the second talk

1 year ago

Thank you Dr.Sulak

Nurse Grace
1 year ago

Hello! Very happy and excited to participate and support P.O.T. from here in San Diego!

1 year ago

Hello All, Bill here from WbC Therapeutics in Pa.
Im looking forward to this whole experience…truly grateful for the opportunity.

Reply to  delta

What about the CME for those watching virtually. Will the form be sent to us?

Mary Lu Egidy
1 year ago
Reply to  delta

Will we get handouts?

Mary Lu Egidy
1 year ago
Reply to  delta

Do we really believe it is the cannabis causing the hyperemesis or the pesticides put on the plants?

Heidi Cooper
1 year ago
Reply to  delta

how does thc and cbd affect dogs depending on their size and other drug interactions

Agenda - Thursday

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Integrative Providers Association (IPA) Cannabis Workshop

*Attendees will need to register and pay for each Pre-Conference Workshop session separately. 

This course only Includes the morning IPA Pre-Conference Workshop and DOES NOT INCLUDE the afternoon P.O.T. Pre-Conference Workshop.

Morning Session Schedule: 

  • 8AM-9AM: Check-In/Registration (CME and Certificate Attendees) 
  • 8:45AM-9AM: Introduction to IPA Hosted by: Patients Out of Time 
  • 9AM-10AM: Cannabis: The Plant, What Providers Need to Know
  • 10AM-10:10AM: Break
  • 10:10AM-11:10AM: Nourishing the ECS with Food, Nutrition & Lifestyle
  • 11:10AM - 12:10 PM:  Cannabis and Substance Use Disorders: From a Gateway Drug to an Exit Modality
  • 12:10PM-12:30PM: Course Test and Evaluations

Pre-conference workshop:  Cannabis 101

Afternoon Workshop Schedule:

  • 2pm:  Endocannabinoid Physiology and Cannabis Pharmacology
    Dustin Sulak, DO
  • 3pm:  Legal Considerations in Cannabis Practice
    Cynthia Northcutt, RN, BSN, JD
  • 3:30pm: Break
  • 3:40pm: Introduction to Clinical Cannabis Practice
    Deborah Malka, PhD, MD
  • 4:40pm: Q & A with faculty
  • 5pm: Workshop ends

Thursday Reception, June 9th,

  • 7pm - 9pm
  • Included with registration 

    Agenda - Friday, Saturday

    Friday, June 10, 2022

    • 8:00am:  Welcome and Overview
      Mary Lynn Mathre, RN, MSN
    • 8:30am:  Evolution of the Endocannabinoid System
      Greg Gerdeman, PhD
    • 9:15am:  ECS Overview & Extended Endocannabinoidome
      Allyn Howlett, PhD
    • 10:00am:  Break
    • 10:15am:  Non-pharmacological influences on the ECS
      Dustin Sulak DO
    • 10:45am:  Cannabinoid Receptors
      Kevin Spelman, PhD
    • 11:30am:  Plants and the ECS
      Ethan Russo, MD
    • 12:15pm:  Lunch
    • 1:45pm:  Cannabis & Psychedelics
      Martin Lee
    • 2:30pm:  Cannabis Pharmacology
      Connie Mclaughlin-Miley, Pharm D
    • 3:15pm:  Break
    • 3:30pm:  Cannabis & COVID
      Michelle Sexton, ND
    • 4:15pm:  Q & A with Friday’s speakers
    • 5:00pm:  End

    Saturday, June 11, 2022

    • 8:30am: Welcome
    • 8:35am:  Healthcare Provider Knowledge, Attitudes & Practices Related to Medical Cannabis Research Study Findings
      Marion McNabb, PhD
    • 9:00am:  MO Cannabis Clinician Panel
      Lisa Roark, MD, Paul Callicoat, MD, April Hatch, RN
    • 10:00am:  Break
    • 10:15am:  Cannabis Dosing Practices
      Dustin Sulak, DO
    • 11:00am:  Who’s the Patient? Age specific Cannabis Treatment
      Deborah Malka, PhD, MD
    • 11:45am:  Cannabis/Cannabinoid Product Safety
      Jahan Marcu, PhD
    • 12:15pm:  Lunch
    • 1:45pm:  Cannabis Parent and Patient Panel
      Wendy Turner, Tamara Netzel, & Todd Scattini
    • 2:30pm:  Cannabis and Mental Health
      Bryan Krumm, NP
    • 3:15pm:  Break
    • 3:30pm:  Cannabis and Opioid Use
      Bridget Williams, MD
    • 4:00pm:  Cannabis as a Global Solution
      Uma Dhanabalum, MD
    • 4:45pm:  Q & A with Saturday’s Faculty
    • 5:30pm:  End

    The 15th National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics

    Patients Out of Time

    June 9th to June 11th, 2022.


    Unity Temple on the Plaza
    Kansas City, Missouri

    Delivered in person and virtually (hybrid) providing educational tracks for healthcare professionals eligible for CE accreditation as well as general public education.

    This three-day annual conference focuses on the foundational science associated with the endocannabinoid system. The societal changes and new research on the endocannabinoid system highlight the need for healthcare professionals, patients and families to be informed about the actions of the endocannabinoid system, provide information to patients about the risk/benefits of the use of cannabinoids and cannabis and discuss the appropriate and legal considerations for prescribing these products.

    Cannabis 101 Workshop, 2.75 Credits  |  Main Conference, 13.25 Credits

    Accredited Banner

    Medicine- AMA PRA Category 1 Nursing- ANCC Contact Hours Pharmacy- ACPE Physician Assistant - AAPA Psychology- APA Social work- ASWB MOC II- ABA MOC II- ABIM MOC II- ABP

    Jointly Provided by

    the University of Virginia School of Medicine & School of Nursing
    & the Academy of Cannabis Education

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